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Lavelle Ensor

Lavelle Ensor
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   Buddy Ensor was born in Maryland in 1900 and was introduced to racing by trainer H. Guy Bedwell. Small in size, Ensor rode at 106 pounds and could wear a size 4 1/2 shoe. He was said to have good hands and an excellent sense of pace. When he retired in 1945 Ensor had won 21.1% of his races.


   The height of Lavelle Ensor's fame came in the years immediately after World War I. He rode for major owners Harry Payne Whitney, Walter M. Jeffords, Harry Sinclair, and C.V. Whitney. In 1919 Ensor had 33 winners in 11 days and took five of six races on one of those days. The following year he was the nation's leading jockey after winning a phenomenal 31% of his races.


    Although the great Exterminator was his favorite mount, Ensor also rode Grey Lag, and Hannibal. His principal victories included the Champagne Stakes, Pimlico Cup, and the Travers.


    After early success in the post war years, Ensor's career was sporadic due to health problems. He made his last comeback in 1945 at the age of 49 and died two years later of pneumonia.


    Lavelle Ensor was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1962.