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George Bostwick

George Bostwick
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    George Bostwick's career covered the years of the Great Depression and World War II. He won an impressive 28.4% of the steeplechase races he entered.


    A six-time leading amateur steeplechase jockey, Bostwick is considered the best rider ever elected to The Jockey Club. He bred, owned, rode, and trained Thoroughbreds. He also played on 6 U.S. championship polo teams and died playing the game at age 72.


    Bostwick was born in 1909 at Bisby Lake, New York. By age 15 he was galloping horses for his uncle F. Ambrose Clark. At 17, the trainer Tommy Hitchcock, engaged Bostwick to ride as an amateur for no fee. Bostwick also rode for William duPont, Jr. Bostwick won major races including 2 Glendale Stakes, 4 Meadow Brooks, 2 Brook Steeplechases, The Corinthian, The Harbor Hill, The Temple Gwathmey, and The Bushwick.


    Bostwick's best mounts included: Chenango, Escapade, Sussex, Darkness, Ruler, Arms of War, Actor, and Cottesmore. He also trained jumpers for his sister, Mrs. Ogden Phipps, who owned Hall of Fame horses, Neji and Oedipus.


     George Bostwick was a leading steeplechase rider and trainer. He was the first steeplechase trainer to condition winners of $1 million and was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1968.