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Edward Garrison

Edward Garrison
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   Edward "Snapper" Garrison rode in the latter years of the 19th century. Unfortunately, no accurate count of Garrison's race record exists, but Garrison once estimated he had over 700 winners in 16 years of riding.

   "Snapper" Garrison earned his nickname by showing enthusiasm for the menial tasks of the stable area. His jockey training came at the hands of "Father Bill" Daly, a harsh taskmaster who trained many turn of the century riders.

   Snapper was known for the "Garrison finish", a whip-slashing, come-from-behind ride in which he won by a small margin. It was a heart-stopping technique that worked. Garrison claimed that his best mount was Tammany, on which he won the 1892 Jerome, Withers, and Lawrence Realization. He also guided Firenze to victory in the Jerome Stakes, Monmouth Oaks and Monmouth Handicap.

   The 1893 American Derby was one of Garrison's most memorable races. False starts and other problems delayed the race for 90 minutes, while Garrison rested his mount, Boundless, by standing on the rail. Garrison's skillful manipulation of the start paid off; Boundless won the race by eight lengths.

   Garrison's popularity as a jockey led to a brief career on the New York stage. He also worked as a stable agent, trainer, and racing official.

   Edward Garrison was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1955.