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Foal Patrol Kids!

Foal Patrol Kids!
When: Friday, December 28th
Time: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Cost: FREE!

Join us for a special family-friendly celebration of Foal Patrol at the Museum and the unveiling of the new Foal Patrol Education Site. Admission is FREE. There will be snacks, giveaways and a variety of fun and educational activities featuring the educational concepts of Foal Patrol.

Special activities include:

• Guided exploration of the Foal Patrol website on iPads to learn all about the new Foal Patrol educational site including our partner, Godolphin Kids
• FREE Godolphin guides plus coloring and craft project in the Sculpture Gallery
• Explore interactive stations on horse care, foal naming, and more!
• Meet the REAL miniature horse, Upset and attend the book reading
• Locate and learn about the farms that will be participating in Foal Patrol season two at the geography and map station
• View a loop of videos on the career paths of horses from our partner, Godolphin in the Hall of Fame Gallery
• HorsePlay! Gallery: Groom a life-sized horse, explore the many different shoes a Thoroughbred may wear, dress in jockey attire, and investigate objects related to the many careers associated with horse racing
• Learn about the parts of a horse next to our REAL thoroughbred skeleton in the Anatomy Gallery
• Snacks! There will be snack tables with water, carrots, apples, peppermints and granola bars -- snacks fit for a horse!